Complete Guide To Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most popular parks in California. Whether you are going there for the 10th time, or your 1st- there is always something new to explore and discover. Here are some of my top tips for hiking, backpacking and exploring this National Park!   Location:¬†Southeastern California Getting There:¬†Joshua Tree […]

What to Know Before Hiking The Lost Coast Trail

The Lost Coast Trail is a 25 mile thru hike on the Northern California Coast. The LCT is California’s wildest and most remote coastlines and follows along sandy beaches, rocky shores, and grassy beach bluffs. Stretches along the trail are only crossable during low tide and best hiked during the spring/fall months for less crowds. […]

My Must-Have Backpacking Gear

Backpacking gear changes over time. You’ll need slightly different things with the changing seasons and learn that you prefer certain clothing or items over others. There are things to love and rave about your gear, and things you second guess bringing. I have narrowed down my packing list from an over-packer, to outdoor minimalist. Here […]