Hey there! 

My name is Sierra, the photographer and writer behind this adventurous corner of the internet. 

As a Santa Cruz native with a sprinkle of ✨Pacific Northwest✨, I’ve immersed myself in the stunning landscapes on the West Coast. The majority of my summers have been spent at various YMCA Camps from Seattle to San Diego, planning backpacking trips, teaching kids to surf, and taking a big-rig canoe trip across the Puget Sound. As a kid, these memories were some of the most formative moments of my life, and I became passionate about providing those same experiences to others. I fell in love with my connection to the outdoors, and the relationships that are made through shared adventure. 

After graduating from the University of Washington, I moved back to California and my outdoor excitement grew even stronger. I became a “weekend warrior”, constantly chasing new places and experiences, like my first outdoor climbing trip to Joshua Tree National Park, or embarking on a solo trip to Grand Tetons National Park. 

Now, I spend most of my summer backpacking to remote lakes and meadows in the Eastern Sierra and beyond. I’ve found immense joy in venturing to these places, capturing their beauty, and inspiring people to spend more time outside and show gratitude for this beautiful planet we live on. 

When I’m not off-grid on trail, you might catch me at the Santa Cruz surf breaks, cruising along Highway 1 during golden hour, or seeking out charming coffee shops to plan my next trip.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope it proves valuable in planning your next adventure and inspires you to take journeys of your own!